Welcome to the Community Heroes Crevice Garden! 

         The Community Heroes Crevice Garden was added to the Apex Simms Street Center in the spring and summer of 2015. As part of a Girl Scout Gold Award project, a sign and a bench were added to the garden, along with the creation of this website. The aim of this project was to address the need for low water usage in unique and creative ways. In low water usage zones, gardens are usually labeled as a non-necessity and eliminated. However, crevice gardens are a way to have a unique, beautiful, and low-water garden. In fact, as crevice gardens can be tailored to your specific climate, or biome, they often do not need to be watered after the first few weeks after planting them.  From this website, there will hopefully be increased awareness of the possibilities of xeriscape gardening or crevice gardening. Creatively gardening in a low water usage zone can be a challenge, but crevice gardens are the perfect way to combine the beauty of a traditional garden with a natural, water conserving garden. Visit the other pages for more information on crevice gardens, the Gold Award, the logistics of recreating this project, and the Community Heroes Crevice Garden. Please take this two minute survey to help assess the impact and results of this project. Thank you!

A huge thank you to all of the organizations that helped to complete this project. 

A&E Technologies, llc. 

Apex Parks and Rec

Girl Scouts of Colorado 

Outdoor Design Group

Paintbrush Gardens

RMC North American Rock Garden Society

Roots Medicine Gardens

Stonehouse Signs 

As well as the many individuals involved!

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