When building your crevice garden, it is important to plan thoroughly. The size of the base, the amount of rock used, the height, the distance from the highest points, and filling soil are very important. Size will also determine the types of plants that can be planted in a garden. Crevice troughs (located in pots or stone containers) are a much smaller option, and may be a good idea to start with. To build your own mudcrete planter, see pages 204 through 207 in the Rock Garden Quarterly Volume 69 #3. Before you build your crevice trough, check out Christine Pritchard's YouTube video on how to do so. 

         If you are ready to start constructing a large scale crevice garden, be sure to plan the garden thoroughly. The total size of the garden, the amount of sunlight, the rock type and sizes, and the filler material in the center are all important factors for planning. For detailed information on the construction of a crevice garden, visit pages 210-224 in the Rock Garden Quarterly Volume 69 #3. For information on filler soil for crevice troughs and large scale gardens, read pages 342-344 in the Rock Garden Quarterly Volume 69 #4

         While your crevice garden is being constructed, determine the species of plants and the placements of plants in your garden. To do this, determine the biome (an area defined by the climate and vegetation) you live in using the image above (click to enlarge). Calling or visiting your local botanical gardens may also be beneficial to narrow down the right plant species for your alpine crevice garden. The filler soil will also influence the growth and survival of your plants. 

         Please use the comment box to send any questions or comments. Also, please comment the results of your garden or any tips or tricks for others!

         For more great resources on crevice gardens, watch a video of a lecture by crevice garden expert Kenton Seth, visit an article from Canadian Gardener on creating crevice gardens, visit Kenton Seth's blog, or check out The Crevice Garden and Its Plants

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    Andrea (Tuesday, 06 October 2015 09:11)

    Thanks for the well documented information on crevice gardens. I am working on one at my house. This was helpful.