The Community Heroes Crevice Garden is located at the Apex Simms Street Center, near the pickleball courts. Created in 2015, the crevice garden is a Southwestern style crevice garden composed of five separate beds, each with a unique composition of layered soils.  With over 1000 square feet of garden and over 60 tons of rock used, this garden was the largest public crevice garden in the United States when it was created. The majority of the plants in this crevice garden are from the steppe biome: a dry, cold grassland region found on almost every continent. Denver, Colorado, is one of many cities located in a steppe biome. The garden began with 1200 individual plants representing nearly 200 species from the steppe and desert biomes, originating from all over the world. Too see the complete list, click "Download" below. 

Apex Plant Database 19 Nov 2015
The complete plant list for the Community Heroes Garden; the list is organized by the bed it is located in (see the bed map below), then alphabetically by the scientific name. To search for a specific name or category, use the "Find" box located on the right hand side of the toolbar.
Apex CHCG Plantlist Nov 19 2015.pdf
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The five garden beds are each composed of unique soils. 

Bed 1: Sand over Compost

Bed 2: Sand and Compost

Bed 3: Sand and Gravel

Bed 4: Sand and Expanded Shale over Loam

Bed 5: Pure Sand

An overhead view of the Community Heroes Crevice Garden during the construction of it. The beds are labeled in red.