The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award available in Girl Scouts, and only three percent of Colorado Girl Scouts receive it. Since the creation of the award in 1916, approximately one million girls have received the award (or its equivalent) across the United States. The Gold Award not only represents the culmination of months of work, but the development of life skills. 

         On September 19, 2015, a bench and educational sign were added to the Community Heroes Crevice Garden as part of a Girl Scout Gold Award project. In Colorado especially, there is a need for low water usage gardens in order to conserve water. An amazing way to do this is to create a xeriscape or crevice garden. However, despite the many grants and incentives issued by cities, not many of them are utilized. Through adding an educational aspect to the APEX Simms Street Crevice Garden, there will hopefully be increased awareness of the possibilities of xeriscape gardening or crevice gardening. Creatively gardening in a low water usage zone can be a challenge, but crevice gardens are the perfect way to combine the beauty of a traditional garden with a natural, water conserving garden. Please enjoy the garden, and visit Building Your Own Crevice Garden for information on create your own. Or, to find out more information on the Girl Scout Gold Award, please visit or







 Cristina, Tom, Sue, Kay, Jeff, Katie, and Carrie after the installation of the bench and the sign at the garden.