Planning and Costs

      I began this project in early January of 2015, when I discussed the Community Heroes Crevice Garden with a member of the Apex Parks and Recreation department. At this time, the garden was in the early stages of its development. After talking with them about what crevice gardens were (as I had never heard of a crevice garden before), I realized it fit in perfectly with my interest in increasing the awareness of low water usage and in addressing the issue of gardening in low water usage areas. From this, I developed and implemented my Gold Award Project with help from my project adviser, my Girl Scout Council mentor, the designer of the garden, and the staff at Apex Parks and Rec. The planning, logistical work, and website development for this project took 75 hours. A large part of this was communicating with the companies involved and designing the sign for the garden. The installation of the project took 3 hours. 

      I had a budget of 750 dollars. The cost breakdown was as follows: the bench (partial in kind donation: the actual cost was $342.50), the sign ($105.31), the metal sign post ($149), the program, Adobe Illustrator for the sign design ($29.99), and the website domain name for 10 years ($120). I raised all the money needed through private donations. 

      After my direct involvement, the maintenance of the garden and website was taken over by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society as well as Apex. 


Recreating this project at another location: 

      After you have found a garden, contact the owner or facility manager to determine the extent of what you want to do, as well as what they want you to do. After a clear plan of the additions to the garden has been established, call local companies to obtain quotes on the additions to the garden before choosing the most cost effective product(s) and the most suitable product(s). When the total cost of all materials and products has been determined, form the budget for the project and raise the money necessary. For example, donation letters, a bake sale, or fundraising booth, as well as online donation tools are all great ways to collect the donations necessary. 

      Once the products are designed based on the specifications determined earlier in the project, order and purchase the products. When doing this, make sure that the products compliment the garden. Finally, plan an installation day to install the products. At the Community Heroes Crevice Garden, the installation took 3 hours with 5-8 volunteers to install a bench, dig the sign post holes, and cement the sign post in the holes. Plan for time according to the number of volunteers and the extent of the additions. Also, try to have the additions ready at least one week before the installation date, in case of a mistake or an adjustment is needed. Good luck!