Crevice gardening is a unique style of gardening that mimics plant growth in naturally rocky regions. It also can be xeriscape, and conserve water while still maintaining a unique beauty. Crevice gardens are a great way to garden in dry areas or areas with water restrictions. First documented in the United Kingdom, crevice gardens have since spread all over the world. Crevice gardens incorporate stones with the gaps filled in with soils. The small spaces that are created encourage the roots of the plants to permeate deeper in the soil in order to find moisture, while still providing a warm surface for the above-ground parts of the plants to flourish. Crevice gardens of any size can even create micro-climates, providing areas with different sun exposure, moisture, and temperature. This allows many small alpine plants or water sensitive xeric plants (that may not otherwise grow in a traditional garden) to flourish in the crevices. Crevice gardens can be small, handheld pots, to gardens as large as the Community Heroes Crevice Garden.